Use your tools, fool!

I have a giant list of blog topics, but it’s written down in my Evernote Moleskine notebook, which is at home and hence, not with me at the moment.

Yes, EVERNOTE. But I didn’t scan and save the list. Which is *exactly* what the notebook is designed to let me do.

I’m annoyed with myself.

Review: TradeHero


I have a new superpower.

I appear to have the ability to make any stock instantly plummet, no matter how well it was doing up till that point.

All I have to do is buy it.

The mining company stock that I bought yesterday had been rising steadily all week, but has plummeted 12.6% since I got some. I find this depressing, and my sole consolation is that I haven’t really spent any money.

I’ve always suspected that I wouldn’t be any good at investing and it turns out that I’m right.

How do I know? I’m playing TradeHero, a mobile app that basically pulls in real-world stock market data and lets you pretend to buy and sell … and then shows you how well or how badly you might have done if you had actually spent real money.

I downloaded it for fun. You start with US$100,000 of imaginary money, that you can invest in shares from all over the world. At the moment, I have a portfolio that includes companies listed on NYSE, NASDAQ, ASX, LSE and of course our very own SGX. The app includes other markets, too.

If you run out of money, or if you want to follow successful players (the app calls them Heroes) you may need to make some in-app purchases. 

The idea is that you would find and follow people who are doing well with their virtual stock and then replicate those moves in the real world.

The incentive to do well is that other people will follow you, and you earn a portion of the fees that they pay to follow you.

I’m not quite there yet, myself.

I check my portfolio first thing in the morning, and at different times during the day, and honestly, I’m still in the red.

TradeHero is available for iOS and Android.